B20 events at London and Paris

Daniel Funes de Rioja, the B20 Chair, and Carolina Castro, Executive Sherpa, participated in several events regarding the B20. Check them out!





The end of January arrived full of B20 activities: on January 29, Daniel Funes  de Rioja, B20 Chair, was a speaker at the "B20 Agenda, Challenges and Priorities" panel event hosted by the Argentine Embassy in the UK.


Daniel Funes de Rioja attended an open ceremony at the Argentine Embassy in the UK. Expressing his gratitude towards Ambassador R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano for hosting the event and fostering the relationship between the Argentine and the British business sector. With a full house of business representatives and business chambers, more than 1000 attendees the B20 Chair extended invitation to the British private sector to actively work during the 2018 B20 process.


Accompanying the B20 delegation was also present Mario Blejer, Deputy Chairman for Financing Growth and Infrastructure B20 task force. Focused on the need to promote a sustainable development, Funes de Rioja, expressed that the B20 priorities are to promote inclusive growth, foster employment and eradicate poverty.  The panel “The Business and Social Sustainability within G20” placed special focus on the issues discussed by the B20 task force “Employment and Education”: ensure digital skills for everyone, promote a life-long learning education and facilitate adaptation to changes in the labor market. In this regard, the B20 Chair emphasized: 

 “Technology, artificial intelligence, robotization are imposing changes among work and youth. Our major stakeholders are society, workers and jobs. Taking action is the way forward"

Following this event, Daniel Funes de Rioja presented the B20 at the London School of Economics (LSE) where he debated on the private sector role in global governance. The B20 Chair argued that “the G20 Agenda is prompted by both domestic and international concerns over globalization”. Furthermore, he expressed the B20 will closely work with all engagement groups, particularly stressing the role of L20 and W20.


“Our G20 presidency is about building consensus among countries and people. Multilateralism is key for Argentina and the world. We face a real challenge that we must face all together”.

-Daniel Funes de Rioja


On January 30, the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce (BACC), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Argentine-British Chamber of Commerce (CCAB) hosted a breakfast meeting for business representatives where Carolina Castro and Daniel Funes de Rioja participated. Funes de Rioja underlined the importance of continuity with the previous process stressing the need to build on the B20 task forces recommendations that were made in the past.

In his closing remarks, the B20 Chair acknowledge that while there are some trends that are trying to isolate countries and fragment their societies, the need for cooperation among business leaders remains strong.